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Looking Beyond Ourselves

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Essential Eye Care & Supportive Services Under One Roof

Working of a hospital should reflect how it creates, attains and delivers value - To patients, staff and the society. A customer evaluates a hospital based on how effectively, affordable and conveniently he can avail it's services. The needs of healthcare customers can be summed up in two simple queries. First, "What is wrong with me?" and second, "How do I get relief?" That is diagnosis and treatment. The objective of all patients is also simple, clear and unambiguous-To get relief from health related problems.

We at GREWAL EYE INSTITUTE understand this and believe it to be the foundation for all our plans, executions and deliveries. We are well equipped to diagnose all types of eye diseases. We integrate experience and investigative resources in an optimal way to find the root cause of a disease and prescribe the best possible course of treatment for different disorders of eye through the various specialized clinics like Phaco clinic, Lasik clinic, Retina clinic, Squint clinic, Cornea clinic, Diabetic clinic, Glaucoma clinic, Laser clinic and Contact lens clinic. Not only the clinical care is taken care of, but aesthetic are also given due consideration while prescribing contact lenses, spectacles, sunglasses etc.

GEI has been at the forefront of technology. There have been many firsts at GEI. The country's first Diode laser was installed here in '93. The First phaco in Chandigarh was done in '94. GEI was the first in South East Asia to start Collagen cross-linking for treatment of Keratoconus in '07. The first i-lasik in region was installed five years ago. The first, four year degree course in optometry was started as GEI School of optometry. The first Ophthalmology PG program in private sector was started four years ago.

Not only this, at GEI we have an approach of speculating the possible problems and prepare the patient for its defense. This preventive cure benefits both the patient as well as the health care provider. There are problems, which are not present but may emerge in future. In anticipation of these there are various procedures which are included within the patient flow process like measuring of intra-ocular pressure every time the patient comes, undergoing refraction, family and genetic counseling, scheduling of the visits for regular monitoring etc.

We know how important you are for us, so we extend your assistance right from the entrance into GEI. When patient arrives, our customer care executives welcome them, brief them about the work flow and guide them for registration and checking of vision. The time from your stepping into GEI to the first interaction with staff for recording pressure of eyes has been reduced to a few minutes.

After reception our customer care executives guide them for checking of ocular pressure then vision and in the end the consultant provides the appropriate advice. Every patient is checked thoroughly every time he visits GEI. Patients are important to us and every step our employees are deputed to help them. We believe in not only treating an individual but also educating him. Our patients are aware about their rights and responsibilities. Our highly trained counselors educate you about various surgical procedures & appease your apprehensions regarding any surgery.

We monitor your total stay time at GEI and plan and implement ways to reduce it. With this we have been able to reduce the stay time in GEI premises drastically. A considerate priority is given to vulnerable group which includes infants, elderly and physically challenged individuals. As we value the time of the patients, we give priority to those who have appointment. However the first priority goes to emergencies. Special care is provided for communicable disease or immune-compromised patients.

GEI has successfully incorporated all these values in a single operating institute at Sec 9, Chandigarh.

We promise to care for your eyes today, tomorrow and forever. We believe in looking beyond ourselves.

JCI Certified

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Grewal Eye Institute was first accredited by Joint Commission International (JCI) in 2007, successfully re-accredited in 2010, 2013, 2016, and 2019.
JCI Website Link: Click here

Quality Policy

We shall continuously endeavor to provide quality eye care services to achieve and further enhance patient satisfaction. This shall be achieved by making continual improvements in our services and systems.

We commit ourselves to achieve and maintain established standards in our services under an efficient and timely service system.
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International Quality Accreditated by
Joint Commission International, USA (JCI)

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