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A Wonderful Gift Called Eyes

General Eye Information

Have you ever tried to see the world around you with your eyes closed? Try. You will realize the significance of the walnut sized pair of eyes. Eyes are responsible for more than 90% of our communication...more

Help your Child with First Spectacles


If it takes five minutes to examine and prescribe glasses to a child, it takes me half an hour to counsel and console the mother. It comes as a rude shock to mothers. Many of them start crying...more

Are you afraid of Cataract Surgery?


"Had I known that going through cataract surgery was so convenient at Grewal Eye Institute, I would have got my surgery much earlier." Feelings expressed by Mrs. Jaswinder Kaur are echoed by many of the cases operated at Grewal Eye Institute. Most ...more

Eys and Use of Hair Dye

General Eye Information

Ageing is inevitable. All of us are well aware of this fact, but nevertheless, we go out of our way to attempt to conceal the common signs of ageing, the most common amongst which is, dyeing our grey hair..more

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