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Lasik Surgery

LASIK: A unique and trustable service at GEI

We at Grewal Eye Institute, strive for ‘Quality Eye Care Services’ for every patients of ours. That is why we stress on patient counseling. The better you understand the procedure, the more relaxed and confidant you will be during the surgery. Knowing what to expect during and after LASIK LASER, makes your recovery period shorter and more comfortable. We encourage you to share all your queries and apprehensions with us.


With over 32 million procedures performed worldwide and more than two decades of clinical studies and technological innovation, LASIK laser is considered amongst the most safe and successful elective procedure on the human body.
A review of more than hundred scientific publications in 2009 found that LASIK laser has the highest patient satisfaction rate compared to any other elective medical procedure on human body.


Step 1 of 6 Lasik Surgery

Step 1

1. Few drops of numbing medicine result in a painless procedure. It is carried out after you lie down on the table. You are aware of what is happening around you.
Step 2 of 6 Lasik Surgery.

Step 2

2. A speculum keeps your lids open comfortably and prevents blinking.
Step 3 of 6 Lasik Surgery.

Step 3

3. Invisible light from INTRALASE shapes a precise flap.This step offers maximum safety.
Step 4 of 6 Lasik Surgey.

Step 4

4. The excimer beam reshapes the front surface of the eye to correct your number and enables you to see clearly without glasses.The Corneal flap is folded back in place.


What is LASIK?
LASIK Laser is a procedure which is carried out with rays of light. It corrects wide range of nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism.
How long does the LASIK laser take?
Procedure takes about ten minutes for both the eyes.
Will you give me some injection?
No. Injection is not required. The LASIK laser is done after instilling numbing drops.
Will the procedure be painful?
No. You will experience no pain. However, you will be fully aware about what is happening and may feel pressure at times.
Can I have both the eyes treated at the same time?
Yes, we recommend and perform LASIK laser for both the eyes in the same session.
When can I drive after the treatment?
On the very next day after the LASIK laser You can return to your personal routine. We recommend a week off from work.
When can I wear eye makeup?
You must avoid applying any eye makeup for at-least two weeks after the LASIK laser procedure.
Can I swim after LASIK laser?
Sure, anytime after two weeks.
How many times do I need to have followup?
You need to visit GEI the day following LASIK laser, and once again after two weeks.
How do I know that I can have LASIK laser?
A detailed examination of eyes “Lasik Workup” makes it clear whether the different parameters of eyes are within the selection criteria or not.
Is LASIK safe?
It’s safer than contact lenses and as safe as glasses.
Why is LASIK considered an advancement in refractive surgery?
This procedure has less complications, quicker recovery time, requires less post-operative eye drops and is more comfortable. Above all the results are predictable in most of the cases.
Are the results of LASIK laser permanent?
Yes, the effect is life long. However, the changes in vision due to natural ageing will take place after the age of 45 years. You will need glasses for reading.
What happens if I move my eye during the Laser procedure?
No harm is done. Your eye moves about 100 times per second and eye tracker in Laser can track pupil more than 400 times per second.
Will my eyes look different after LASIK Laser procedure?
No. Your eye will look exactly the same. Only an eye specialist can make out that laser was done.
When can I experience my best vision after LASIK Laser procedure?
In most of the cases good vision can be achieved on the day of procedure. Vision will continue to improve and best vision may take two to three months.


There are lot of myths and fears about LASIK laser in community regarding safety, long time recovery, cost, future risks, etc. And in case you are under same spell then we at GEI are here to clear these doubts.
The only fact about LASIK is that it is the safest, quickest, latest, painless and the easiest way to get rid of your contacts and spectacles and GEI offers you surgeons with years of experience in LASIK and an Institute which is certified from JCI, USA.

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